Published Articles
Torres, J. A. (2010, Summer).  
Understanding the Influence and
Approaches to Effective Chinese
Negotiations.  The    Business
Review, Cambridge, 14 (2), 104-

Torres, J. A. (2011). China’s
Leadership Role during the Global
Financial Crisis. The Journal of
American Academy of Business,
Cambridge, 16(2), 81-88.

Torres, J. A. (2011). Market
Strategies, Analysis, Competitive
Intelligence and Challenges in
Entering the Chinese Market. The
Journal of American Academy of
Business, Cambridge, 16(2), 39-46.

Torres, J. A. (2011). Chinese
Negotiation Styles in International
Business Negotiations.
Dissertation. Manuscript submitted
to ProQuest for publication.

Torres, J. A. (2013). China's
Influence on the Future of Global
Business Culture in the 21st
Century.  The Journal of American
Academy of Business, Cambridge,
18(2), 9-15.

International Negotiations
    Chinese Negotiation Styles
    Cross-cultural Negotiations

International Management
    Cross-Cultural Management
    Global Human Resource Management
    International Strategic Management
    Leading multicultural teams in China
    Global Ethics

International Marketing
    Global & Multinational Marketing
    China's Market Strategies
    International Marketing Research
    Differentiation Strategies
    Competitive Intelligence Strategies

International Economics
    Comparative Economic Systems
    The Global Environment
International Manufacturing Operations
    Global Corporate Renewal
    Operations Low-Cost Strategies
    Organizational Effectiveness Programs

Strategic Management
    Strategic Planning & Implementation
    Competitive Analysis
    Decision-Making Strategies

    Global Leadership
    Solutions-Oriented Leadership
    Relational Leadership
    Leading Innovation & Change
    Leadership Styles & Principles

Global Financial Systems
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Leading Multicultural Teams in China

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